Just found this on a YouTube video for one of my favourite songs; had to put it somewhere to keep it – fantastic description.

I’ve noticed a trend here in the comments that has taught me something about the difference between “listening” and “appreciating” music
There is the person who listens to music… for some sort of ego boost.

They don’t seek to peer into the piece to find something real… to try feel the emotion… meaning.. and perspective of the artist. They fail to even look for the soul; the spirit ignited by the passion of the artist.

They instead use music to add to their idealized self or enhance a feeling or thought of their own. They take the song in order to suit their idealized story. As if they are looking for some kind of background music that will justify how they feel, or perhaps make them feel more like what they want to be instead of who they are. Music to these people, is about impressing and being impressed. These people restrict themselves to specific genres… while still telling everyone that they “kinda listen to everything”. These are the people who judge music by what it “sounds like.” Not by how it feels.
By how it relates to them, not how they relate to it.
For them, music is just entertainment. No more or less than a movie or a video game or some other recreation. It’s like a fashion style that lets people know what kind of class of person you are and where you do and don’t fit.

The one who appreciates the actual concept of “music”, has no genre restrictions. They seek true creative expression; something more than a catchy beat. Something that changes and enhances who they are instead of matching that idealized image. They are constantly seeking something they haven’t heard, and have not a care in the world for what others might think about what they might be listening to. For them, music is a constantly changing journey, a window into soul. To these people, only two genres really exist: “Art” and “Business.”
Business being music that is deliberately created for the one who simply “listens.”; soulless music that serves no other purpose than being a “catchy tune” designed for a specific fad/culture/clique in order to make money.

Art is made for the purpose of art. Money is a secondary byproduct that comes from the appreciation of those who listen to it.

It’s amazing how easy it is to differentiate between the two when you introduce the “listener” to cryptic poetry. There is nothing catchy about the sound to them; so it must suck. There is no one to impress with this. This leads to bombarding the piece with generalizations that are based on minute, superfluous things that are only distasteful to certain biases.

Meanwhile the rest of us are caught in the spirit emanating from the sound, as if it was a rhythm. It captivates who it inspires with an appreciation that is unconditional, regardless of sound “style”. Never are they able to understand why the listener can’t hear it.

– Darkseany

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